First Post on New Blog! (Again)

I’ve spent several weeks trying to figure out what my first article on this blog should be. I’ve written several first drafts of other articles that will eventually be published, but none of them felt right.

So, I decided that I should publish something, anything, or else I would never actually get this blog started. I think why it’s difficult to figure out what to write is because 1: I am a perfectionist, and 2: change is hard.

The decision to create this new blog and to delete my other one lay mostly in the fact that I have changed. I no longer look for the same things I that I did before and that’s probably a good thing.  Without change, we become stagnant, we don’t grow. I want to revamp the style in which I write and I also want to create more. I felt like my old blog, which was an outlet for thoughts and some creativity, was limited to purely the spiritual, specifically the spiritual realm in which I personally worship. While I could have just started writing differently on that other blog, I felt like I wanted to start fresh.

I feel like what really kept me from finally creating this post was the fear of creating. It’s extremely difficult to put yourself out there. When someone creates something, they’re exposing their veins to the outside world. They’re saying, “This is me, this is what I believe, these are my thoughts”, and in today’s world especially, people are cruel. It’s not just someone saying, “This doesn’t speak to me”, or “I don’t like this,” it’s very much more death threats and very personal and unnecessary attacks on character.

I hope that as I express myself here and as I try to write about things that I love or as I give my two cents about things, that others will be kind and understanding. I also hope that I can inspire others in some way.

I hope this post has made some sense. As I said, I just knew that I needed to post something or else I would never do it. I hope that everyone does something today that scares them. I hope you start writing that novel, I hope that you talk to that person, I hope that you ask for that promotion. Face your fears!

(Originally posted on TheMiniMeditatingDragon.blogpot.com 8/3/16)


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