Namaste November: Chanting Meditation

This week has been a challenging one. Mostly because I’ve been trying to get back into the habit of meditation and because of the Presidential Election. I won’t say too much here on my actual blog, you can read what I said on my Facebook page. All I can really say is, I love all people and I will always fight for your rights. Everyone is safe at my home and everyone will be treated well in my home.

So, back onto the subject of meditation. This week, I did chanting. I listened to/chanted with this youtube video here. The audio is done by Deva Premal and is perfectly hypnotizing.

This particular chant is the mantra Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha done with 108 repetitions. It is the mantra of the god Ganesh. While I do not worship him as my god, I wanted to keep in mind the things that he represents, especially for this week. He is the god of wisdom, knowledge, grace, and compassion. You can read all about him here. I believe that I needed wisdom and compassion the most this week, not only for the election but in my day to day life. I’m still transitioning in my life and I’m trying to take it in strides. Sometimes these strides are more like stumbles and I’m not very compassionate towards myself or others, I’m trying to be better every day.

The reason why chanting is done 108 times is best explained by Deva Premal and Mitten:

“Mantras are energetic sound formulas . . . According to the Vedic scriptures, our physical and subtle bodies contain 108 major nadis, or energy channels. When we chant a mantra 108 times, that sound vibration can fill all of the energy lines in our bodies and balance them. The more we chant one particular vibration, the more we tune ourselves to that vibration.”

Essentially, by chanting a particular phrase, I’m aligning my energy to what that mantra represents. I want to be more knowledgeable, wise, compassionate, and graceful in my life and taking 10 minutes or so to realign myself to these ideals has been a big help. I’m not perfect, but I can feel myself changing.

This week, I’m coloring. Some people might choose to draw, but I wanted to do something that I wouldn’t stress too much about. I love art, but I’m often too preoccupied with perfectionism. Right now, I’d rather just fill in the lines and breathe.

I’ll update you on this challenge next week. Take some time for yourself to heal from whatever troubles you.


(Originally published on 11/09/16)

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