Namaste November: Meditation Challenge Completion

Meditating with music wasn’t my favorite. My mind wandered more, I twitched more, and I checked the timer more than any other week. Maybe it was because Thanksgiving was coming up (that’s why I didn’t post this last week) or just because of the dramatic change of seasons (suddenly we’re covered in snow), either way, I didn’t get too much out of it. The music I listened to was purely instrumental and I use it a lot in my yoga classes for meditation or savasana (the final pose where you lay on your back and chill) and everyone seems to really like it. It can be found here

For some, having some music on may drown out any other residual noise from children chattering as they play, the dog sniffing around, or just the creaks and moans of the home. For me, I don’t know, I just couldn’t sit still. I tried another piece of music, and the same thing happened. I don’t know. Maybe I just wasn’t calm enough or it was just a bad week. I’ll try it again another time.

As for this past week, I decided to meditate to silence.

“But if you didn’t like music, how would silence be any better?”


Ya know what, it was. Really. I mean, I still checked my phone several times because I’m impatient, but I found much more calm. I was able to let the little sounds that came to me pass by easier and I wanted to stay longer.

I think why the quiet was more calming was because I’m always surrounded by artificial sound, mostly by choice. There’s youtube videos or my iPod playing, Netflix is almost a constant. I never get silence. Maybe my brain and my body have been craving much quieter. I used to go on walks all the time by myself. Sometimes I would have an iPod, often I wouldn’t just so I could be alone with my thoughts for a little while. Gone are the days when I would play in my room with just my imagination. Gone are the days when the days when you could actually hear yourself think. There’s too much chatter in the world and maybe my head just needed a break.

As a challenge for everyone, and myself, take 10 minutes every day to turn everything off. No Netflix, no iTunes, no Spotify, no whatever. Turn it off, then go about your business. Clean the house without having How I Met Your Mother playing in the background and shovel the snow without Ke$ha or Dean Martin.

I think we could all do with a little bit of quiet.

Well, it’s the end of Namaste November. I’m kind of relieved because there have been days when I’ve been scrambling for something because I forgot to take pictures over the weekend. Next year, I plan to have all the pictures taken at least a month in advance (we’ll see if that actually happens).

I hope everyone has a safe and fun week!


(Originally published on 11/30/16)

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