Namaste November: Meditation Series Introduction

Last year, I did something that I decided to call “Namaste November”. It’s when I post something on my Instagram and Facebook about yoga. The posts ranged from yoga poses, mudras, philosophy, and holistic healing. This year, the daily Instagram and Facebook posts will consist of things similar to last year, but for the next month, this blog will focus on different types of meditation.

Part of why I decided to do this was because I’ve fallen out of the habit of meditating and being mindful. I used to meditate for about 10 minutes every day and I spent my time living my life. But suddenly, my life spiraled into craziness. I had my final semester of college, I graduated, started a terrible job, quit the terrible job, moved several times, got married, started three jobs . . . I’ve just been careening forward and not actually enjoying anything. On my graduation day and even my wedding day, I was excited and happy, but I felt jumpy and frazzled. I wasn’t able to really soak anything in. I really wish I had. Whenever people ask me what that was like, I just have to say “I don’t know,” because I don’t remember what happened on those days. At least not very well. My type A personality went into hyper-drive, just trying to survive until the next day.

Overall, I’ve decided I’m done surviving and I want to start living again. I found that I was really happy and relatively less stressed when I practiced meditation every day. I’ve tried several times to get back into it, but I’ve failed.

However, what I’m going to do differently is that each week I’m going to try a different type of meditation. I will give a short description of the meditation method along with its pros and cons and write a short experience review. This way I can perhaps find a meditation that works for me again that I can stick with for a little while. This will, hopefully, also help any readers who are trying to meditate but haven’t found the right way yet.

For this week I’ll be chanting. I started meditating this way before so I’m much more familiar with it. I started today and I already feel better. We’ll see how I feel by next week.

I look forward to slowing my life down a little bit so I can actually experience it. I don’t want to rush my life away. I don’t want to wake up someday when I’m 65 and not remember what I even did, or worse, regret what I did.

I hope everyone is safe and enjoyed their Halloween. I’ll see you again next week.


(Originally published on 11/02/16)

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