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Minimalism and the Things You Wear


This past weekend I went through my clothing. I thought that there wouldn’t be much to get rid of. A sweater here, a pair of socks there. But when I brought everything out of the closet and from my drawers, I got rid of two garbage bags. I wish I had more pictures of everything, but I wanted to donate them as soon as I could.

I had a bunch of kimono wraps that I never wore. I only kept my three favorites.
Accessories and hats. I only kept two winter hats and two baseball caps out of 10.
Blouses and skirts. I got rid of about 15 shirts (t-shirts, blouses, sweaters, etc.) and 4 skirts.

The above pictures are before I sorted everything. I threw everything on the bed or on the floor (there are TONS of t-shirts and pajama pants on the floor) so I could handle them one by one. I did my best to thank the things that I discarded, but I wasn’t perfect at it. Sometimes I felt like I couldn’t get it out of my closet fast enough.

In addition to just my basic clothing, I got rid of several pairs of shoes and a lot of accessories. I took them to a local consignment store and whatever they didn’t buy, I sent to my sister.

*Disclaimer: While KonMari cautions against older sisters giving clothes away to their younger sisters, my sister has been very sick lately. She’s lost a lot of weight and many of the things I got rid of were too small. I figured that while she gets better she could have things that fit her. Those items are only a temporary solution and she knows that she can get rid of anything she doesn’t like. She’s a very opinionated person with a defined sense of style so I’m very confident that she won’t hoard them away.

When I put my clothing away and refolded everything, I was extremely satisfied with the results. I didn’t discover too much more about myself; it mostly reinforced the fact that I’ve developed a more feminine and comfortable style. I got rid of a lot of my heels (still have some that are my favorites) because they were uncomfortable. While they gave me joy while I was wearing, they couldn’t give me joy throughout the day. After about two minutes, many of my heels caused more pain than joy. I’ve opted to start buying higher quality shoes that will last longer as opposed to $5 stilettos that I will wear three times before I bury them in the back of the closet.

Something that I did discover is that I held onto a lot more than I thought I did. There were shirts that I had that I literally never wore or that I hated. I simply kept them for “the future”. I realized that if I had to wear all of those clothes in the future, I probably wouldn’t be fully enjoying my life. While I understand that there are times when we won’t absolutely love what we’re doing, overall, I want to dress in a way that makes me feel happy. If I have to wear a lot more professional clothing because of my job, that’s fine. I just want to wear things that make me feel beautiful and comfortable. I got rid of a bunch of “office wear” that was itchy, too tight, too big, or unflattering in general.

After doing this more formal KonMari clothing purge (as opposed to my mad dash purging before a move), I took the time to analyze my style and what I want my life to be. I feel a lot more complete and satisfied with my wardrobe. There are a few things I actually need or need to replace, but I don’t feel like I’m overwhelmed by all of this stuff that I no longer am.

I feel a lot more confident in my ability to look for and eventually purchase the things that I actually love as opposed to just going on random shopping sprees.

What kinds of experiences did you all have with the KonMari method? Especially clothes? Did you feel excited? Sad? Comment down below.

Thank you for sharing your energy with me today.



6 thoughts on “Minimalism and the Things You Wear

  1. I had a very similar experience.

    There were VERY few things I regretted getting rid of. Those few things were well worth the liberating experience I had.

    The more clothes I get rid of, the more I can see what my style truly is. What I actually like wearing and what I find comfortable.

    I’ve been considering doing another purge so that I can further define my style and get rid of nuisance clothing.

    I love your blog!


  2. Reading about your experience and knowing you as I do makes me more motivated to try KonMari for myself, thus helping me find the core of “me” as well as declutter my bedroom 😀 Thanks for the posts on trying minalism!


  3. Lovely post! I have been a tidy minimalist for a very long time so enjoy any writing on this subject. Marie’s book is a joy but personally I prefer the room by room approach rather than categories first 🙂


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