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Minimalism and KonMari: Books, Papers, Komono


From Pexels; a free stock image site. Books.


I did this part of the KonMari method a little out of order (gasp!). I went through my books several months ago when I was moving into my apartment with my husband and I was slowly gathering my books from my parent’s house. I didn’t want to bring anything home with me that I didn’t love so I did a small purge while at my parent’s home, and then when my husband and I were setting up our little office/library, I went through them again. However, my husband also went through my books.

KonMari discourages having family members going through what you’re discarding because often, they pick up things that they don’t need and that they won’t use thus keeping the clutter in their own life. I can totally see that and understand that. My husband insisted that while I went through my books, he would go through them with me. He was trying to help. And it was a big help. However, he kept a few things that I would rather not have kept. Stories with bad plot lines, or just simply stories that I didn’t care for.

Even though he kept a lot of things that I wanted to discard, I know that he will read them and eventually discard them, or choose to keep them. He’s an avid reader and even though he has a lot of homework, he tries to read a few lines before bed of a book he’s reading just for fun. When living with another person, you have to take into account their needs. He understands that the books he “inherited” from me, are now his responsibility and I’m not going to rob another book lover of books. They brought him joy and there were several that he has wanted to read.

(Disclaimer: I am also an avid book reader. I got rid of a LOT of books, but I still have four bookcases filled with them, some are even double filled. I don’t think I’ll ever have just one bookcase, and that’s fine by me!)

My husband has also been watching me, to an extent, go through the KonMari method on my own and has seen the impact it’s been having on my attitude and on my life. I think he’ll eventually come around to going through his own things a little bit more.

Doing the papers section of the KonMari method this past weekend was relatively easy. Got rid of old receipts, made a tax folder, and filed away our warranties. It’s a very straightforward, and easy section, so don’t be too scared.

I started the Komono (miscellaneous) section and I’m sure it will take me the longest. Mainly because I have a ton of random stuff. I tackled my art supplies, music, and under the sink this past week. I got rid of a bunch of old, dried out paint, and donated some music that I didn’t like. The sink is now clear of clutter and isn’t just a pile of Walmart and Macey’s bags.

As I’m getting to the end of the KonMari method and entering my own kind of minimalism, I’m feeling a lot more free and flexible. I can breathe easier in my home, I’m not so frustrated or preoccupied with cleaning, and I am able to relax more. While it’s not done or perfect yet, I’m excited to see what’s coming up next.

Thank you for sharing your energy with me today!



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