KonMari: Sentimental Items

stack-letters-letter-handwriting-family-letters-51191This section of the KonMari Method is saved for last, and for good reason. It’s taken the longest and has been the most emotionally exhausting section yet.

Part of why it has taken the longest was because I have been slowly gathering things from my parent’s home so I can actually go through everything.

I won’t bore you with all the little details, but one of the largest things I had to go through was old love letters. Even though I love my husband, touching and going through those letters was hard. They used to bring me such joy and when the relationship was over, they brought me sorrow. I think I was just reminded of the hurt I felt.

In a way, I still feel a little bit of attachment to the things that I got rid of. I let them go on good terms, making sure to thank them for their past service, but the emotions I felt are still a little raw. I don’t regret letting anything go because they weren’t serving me anymore, and I know that some of the things are going to people who will appreciate them much more than I will.


2 thoughts on “KonMari: Sentimental Items

  1. I have cleared out so much stuff but the sentimental stuff is soooooo hard. Some of it is still boxed. It’s crazy how emotions are tied to stuff. You can do it!!

    – Carol

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