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Minimalism and Finances


As tax season is upon us, I’m reminded of all the money I’ve ever spent ever. *cringe*  I’ve gone through all my receipts to find deductions, and I realize that there are a lot of things that I bought that I didn’t actually need. Could I have just made fries with the potatoes I had at home as opposed to buying fries from In and Out? Did I really need those $5 thrift store shoes?

I’ve been trying to avoid frivolous spending in addition to minimizing my belongings, but being or becoming a minimalist isn’t just a one-time thing, it’s a constant uphill struggle. It’s also about finding a balance between being practical and being human. Sticking to a budget is practical. Purchasing the occasional chocolate is being human. Purchasing a black skirt for work is practical. Purchasing sparkly shoes for work is being human.

Just because I’m (trying to be) a minimalist doesn’t mean that I have to look like the traditional minimalist. I don’t have to wear all black and white (even though black is one of my favorite colors to wear) and I don’t have to conform to a rigid way of spending my money.

Yes, I have to stay within my monthly budget so I can afford my apartment, car, and other necessary expenses. However, I can also treat myself to the occasional handbag or piece of statement jewelry (or waffle fries). The beauty of being more mindful and minimal about my spending is that I’m spending my money on things of higher quality. Things that will last longer so I’m not just crowding my closet with things that will later fill a trash dump.

Even though this year’s tax return won’t be as large as I want, I am grateful for the money that has come my way this year. I made much more than I thought I did and I hope to only improve my spending and earning power.

What are your favorite ways to save money? What are you saving up for?

Comment down below with your thoughts. I hope your tax return is bigger than your appetite for cake, and thanks for visiting.



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