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Addiction Recovery and Yoga



Addiction is when you actively and obsessively seek out drugs, alcohol, or other stimulants or depressants.


Whether they took opioids after a surgery or they’ve been drinking a lot more often after the death of a loved one, whenever I’ve spoken to those who suffer from addictions, they are often trying to cover up some sort of pain. While their original intentions may have been good, they’ve now found themselves drawn more intensely to their drug of choice. Often, those with addictions will neglect other things in their life for the sake of the addiction. They may steal money, other’s prescription drugs, or ignore their children. Some people lose their jobs because they show up to work drunk, or their marriages may fail because of multiple affairs.

While I’ve never tried drugs or alcohol, I’ve had my own types of addictions. There was a time when I would spend hours upon hours cruising social media, waiting for instant messages or the latest update from my friends. I started neglecting homework and real social obligations. Part of that addiction was because of my anxiety; I preferred virtual relationships to real ones because I could always “log out” whenever I became uncomfortable.

I won’t pretend that my little addiction compares to those of heroin or sex, but I’ve had plenty of friends who have actively suffered from addiction. Many of them are never fully “cured”, but just in remission.

Recovery will look different for everyone. Some people go to weekly meetings, some people need to go to the hospital to be monitored, others need to go to a rehabilitation center. Maybe they utilize all three and maybe they fall off the wagon a few times. If you are actively trying to conquer your addiction, you. Are. Winning.

If you are actively trying to conquer your addiction, you. Are. Winning.

You are strong, you are doing great, and you can do this.

I read this article from about the different ways you can recover from drug addiction and what to expect as you go through the process. It mentions holistic ways of healing including therapy and yoga. I can attest (and have several times in this blog and I will continue to do so) that yoga is a great way to recover from . . . pretty much anything. I’ve mainly used it for my anxiety and depression, both conditions drug addicts may experience during their rehabilitation. Perhaps they will feel guilty because of the hurt they have caused their families or maybe it’s because of these mental illnesses that they started to seek out drugs in the first place. Whatever it is, yoga is a great way to calm strengthen the body and calm the mind.

Of course, it’s not a cure. You’re not going to suddenly *poof* be cured because you were able to balance on your index finger (I don’t recommend that by the way, you’re going to break yourself). It’s simply a method to help you through to improved health and freedom from harmful substances.

It may be hard, and most likely you will feel worse before you get better, but I promise that your quality of life will ultimately increase if you start your journey of recovery today.

For further reading, read this article. It outlines benefits of yoga as it concerns addiction with a little more detail.

I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!




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