Learning How to Paint Again

pexels-photo-520932When I was young, I loved to draw, paint, sculpt, and scribble. A large part of my childhood was spent in front of a canvas. I won a few competitions and was even featured in a museum for a little while.

However, as things tend to happen, life got in my way. I started college and I just didn’t have the time to paint. I wasn’t going into animation or art as my major because I didn’t think I was good enough to make art my career (still don’t but that’s beside the point). I barely touched a paint brush within four years. I started one landscape painting once, but have never finished it.

Because of that six years absence, I’ve lost some of my skill. While it is frustrating, I’m trying to look at it as a blessing; I have the opportunity to develop an entirely new artistic style. I’m very excited.

Most of my training is coming from watching YouTube videos of other artists that I enjoy and watching a lot of Bob Ross (my homeboy). I haven’t had the chance to actually paint as of yet (a lot of my paints are dried up so I have to get more), but within the next few weeks I plan to buy a few basics, and get to painting again.

What is something that has fallen by the wayside for you? Is it worth it to pick it up again? Where can you make time in your day?

I hope you ask yourself these questions and are able to find something new–or old–to enjoy.

Thanks for sharing your energy with me today.



4 thoughts on “Learning How to Paint Again

  1. When you do go out and buy paints, I know Michael’s Arts n Crafts sometimes has 30-40% off entire purchase coupons around what I assume is “back to school/semester” time. I saved a couple hundred $$ one semester for an art class because of that blessed coupon.

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  2. I destroyed all of my art and stopped painting, sculpting, drawing when my first child was born. She is now 14 and I started an art journal this summer. The more I create, the more I am inspired to continue! I am not judging any of what I am making right now. I am just listening to my heart and letting it guide my hands. It’s a wonderful feeling to reconnect with this part of myself and know it has been there hibernating the whole time…not lost or forgotten.

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    1. I’ve totally been there. I burned a bunch of my writing (like the angsty goth writer I am). I’m so glad that you’ve started to create again and are communicating with a deeper part of your soul! Thanks so much for the love on my blog and your lovely comment 🙂

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