Ways You Can Help During Tragedy


This picture does not belong to me. Credit to the photographer of some of the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. August 2017

Is it just me, or are bad things happening more and more?? Hurricane Harvey, shootings, riots, other natural disasters . . . it’s a mess out there you guys.


It can be extremely hard to know what to do, especially when you don’t have money. Or if you do have money, you don’t want to donate to a shady “charity” who will only donate less than 5% of donations, if at all.

Here are some things you can do when bad things happen to good people.

  1. Donate to a food bank-canned foods or water. Go through your pantry and find some unexpired canned food or unopened bottled waters and send those to relief efforts through a food bank, charity, or church in your area. This food will either go to people who are struggling locally or to others around the globe.
  2. Diapers/wet wipes/formula. During natural disasters, people usually have to leave with the clothes on their backs, including children. While clothes can be washed, diapers . . . cannot. . . . . .No. . . . .  Help keep children clean and comfortable by donating diapers and wet wipes, and keep them fed by sending unexpired formula.
  3. Donate pet food. There are so many people who bring their pets with them. Don’t judge. For many people, their pets are their family. Also, it might not even be a pet, it could be a service animal that is desperately needed, especially during natural disasters.
  4. Donate to hospitals directly. Whether with a check, PayPal, cash, hospitals need to purchase the equipment to treat people for injuries or sickness. (Yes, we can go on and on about how hospitals are pretty much robbing us already with their fees and they should have enough money to buy those things, but people are currently dying. So not now, guys. Not now.)
  5. Donate blankets. Clean, flea free, preferably hypoallergenic if you can. These can keep the ground soft, a baby warm, or even provide comfort.

DON’T donate expired or opened food. It’s not safe for people to eat and it wastes relief efforts. Also, don’t donate torn clothes or other random crap from your house. No one wants the cracked lamp your great aunt gave you ten years ago on the day your divrce was finalized. Don’t try to make yourself feel like you’re “helping” by dumping your trash at their doorstep. It’s insulting and wastes volunteer’s time and clogs up their space to hold REAL donations.

A word on toys, while it may seem like this is a good idea because kids need comfort, don’t. Just don’t. Many charities have to rent sheds to keep all of these toys together because they get so many that they don’t even use. This wastes the money that people have donated that would be best spent on food and other necessary supplies. Besides, toys, while fun, can sometimes be extremely dirty (if you have a kid, you know what I’m talking about), pick up fleas during transfer, or can even be a choking hazard to younger children who get their hands on them. Parents or volunteers don’t need that extra work.

Below are some links of where you can donate directly to the Hurricane Harvey relief. I hope you find something you can do to either help your community or the world at large.

Thanks for sharing your energy with me today. Namaste.



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