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My 5 Favorite Minimalist YouTubers

pexels-photo-532566Before I really started my journey into minimalism, I did what anyone does before changing their life: watch other people talk about their opinions about said life change.

What’s funny is that I had never heard about minimalism before starting on this journey. I had just been dumped by my fiance and I wanted a change (okay, I cried a lot and a lot and then it popped into my mind after weeks of mourning and being sad for myself). Suddenly the word popped into my mind. Because I have a casual understanding of the English language, I knew what to plug into that cute YouTube search bar.

Even though my first search was over two years ago, to this day, I’m still searching for more opinions and more tips and tricks. By far, my favorite method that I’ve practiced in my quest is the KonMari method, but there are a lot of other YouTubers that give great advice on strict minimalism, not just the “Spark Joy” minimalism. Some even just talk about living a more simple life, and in my mind, is what minimalism is trying to achieve.



Lavendaire is the brainchild of Aileen. She talks about several things including the KonMari method, meditation, self-love, and (of course) minimalism. Her videos are aesthetically delightful, and she has a fun and bright attitude without being cheesy. She also has a free podcast that is pretty amazing as well. Check her out!




This European lovely is one of the more extreme aesthetic minimalists (black, white, and khaki clothing and interiors) that I’ve come across, but she’s extremely colorful with her makeup. She has a lot of specific tips on keeping up the minimalist lifestyle and what does and does not matter (in her opinion). She’s very open to anyone’s interpretations of what minimalism is for them.




I love this particular one because she is very honest and raw as to why she has become a minimalist and why she wanted to change, not only her lifestyle but her diet as well. She’s very funny, sweet, and realistic. She doesn’t have the typical “minimal” looking apartment, but it’s clean, tidy, and just what she needs. She shows how you can practically save for your dream life and how minimalism facilitates that.




Melody is not only a minimalist, but she also shows different products that can be used for several things and how she has simplified her life while still living as an actual person with a normal job. While YouTubers are bloggers, free-lance photographers, and travelers, she works full-time as a court reporter. You don’t have to live out of a backpack and have no consistent income to live this lifestyle. Melody is soft-spoken, careful, and beautiful person that I love to watch (sounds creepy . . .  just YouTube watch! I swear!). She also has the cutest cat that looks like a creamsicle in feline form.



Muchelle B. (yes, Muchelle, not Michel), also did the KonMari challenge and videos of her process, but her focus now has been on productivity and simplifying your life, which I think is what minimalism is all about. She not only has beautiful and helpful videos, she has also created several E-Books on the topics she’s interested in and few minimalism/productivity challenges as well. She’s one of my favorites to watch when I need a good kick in the pants to get out of bed so I can start reaching my goals.


I hope you enjoyed my list! Let me know in the comments who your favorite minimalist lifestyle YouTubers are and let me know if you watch any of these videos.

Thank you for sharing your energy with me today.




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