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Doing Really Scary Stuff (YouTube Announcement)

pexels-photo-341858Hey! So . . . Remember how I said I was going to try to create a YouTube channel? Well . . .

. . . that’s still going! And I’m launching it on October 1st! There will be two videos up and two meditations! Yay!!

I’m freakin’ terrified. Seriously, so scared. I filmed my intro video and I wanted to cry. My poor husband who has been helping me throughout this process has been so supportive. So many takes! So many panic attacks! So many hours editing!

I’m not a movie maker. I’m not a movie editor. I don’t know how to use everything on iMovie yet. I don’t have the best cameras, the best equipment, or a perfect, Instagram-worthy body. I don’t even have the best yoga form because I’m not perfect.

But dang it, this is something that I’ve wanted to do for some time.

What’s special about my yoga channel is that I’m actually going to feature more alternative music. This means more rock ‘n’ roll, goth, punk, etc. Essentially, the music will be stuff that you wouldn’t usually hear in a yoga studio.

Because I don’t want to plagiarize anything, I will upload two versions of the same video. One will have free music from YouTube or from people who have generously allowed me to use their art, and the second will just have my voice. I’ve created playlists that feature the types of artists/genres that I think the alternative scene will enjoy playing alongside my videos.

I want people to listen to this music and support the artists because that is mostly why I wanted to start this channel: the music. Music inspires fashion, literature, and sometimes even social movements. I believe that it can do a lot of good. And I don’t want any metal heads to miss out on some good yoga zen just because they don’t enjoy the tunes that normally play during a class.

Attached below is the link to my . . . . *breath* (more for me than you) . . . intro video, and my channel. The channel itself isn’t finished yet and there aren’t any videos, but if you want to subscribe now, then please do!

I’ve worked really hard on these (it might not look like it, but I so did!) and I figure that you’ve got to start somewhere.

Hopefully you like the video and hopefully, you enjoy the rest of your day!

Thanks for sharing your energy with me today.


2 thoughts on “Doing Really Scary Stuff (YouTube Announcement)

  1. Omg your channel looks amazing! Can I be a big suck And ask you to do a yoga sequence for ftm transgender? Basically, broadening/strengthening shoulders and slimming hips? Also, something for scoliosis? Oooo, I can’t wait to see your channel! It looks so so so good! Congratulations!

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