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I’m a HUFFLEPUFF????!!!!

0.51_Hufflepuff_Crest_TransparentSorry for the super late post. My computer was out of commission for a while (the tech guys said there was nothing wrong . . . . lies!), and life got crazy with some family stuff.

Anyways, like many a millennial (and good human being or alien), I love Harry Potter. I was borderline too obsessed . . . but now I have a much more healthy relationship with the books *awkwardly covers shrine with sheet*.

When the books were starting to become movies, came out. It was a dream come true. You could be sorted via your personality, and explore a bunch of other cool stuff like getting your very own virtual wand! So cool!

The problem with the quizzes was that the questions very obviously pointed to the house you would be sorted into.

“If you found a bag of money, what would you do?”

a. keep it. Finders keepers, losers suck.

b. Leave it alone.

c. Riddle me this . . .

d. Bring it back to the rightful owner and you’d find out who that owner was by sheer willpower and awesomeness.

Okay, they weren’t that bad, but they were still bad. Of course, I wanted to be a Gryffindor so I could hang out with the original trio.

Later, I decided to be more “Sirius” and take the quiz seriously.

I was sorted into Ravenclaw.

Just like that, I knew it was true.

I pranced about for years with my Ravenclaw-ness, high-fiving the Gryffindors, hanging out with the Slytherins, and giggling at the Hufflepuffs and their shenanigans.

However, I came to realize that there was a much more advanced Harry Potter website. Pottermore. I hadn’t heard about it until my senior year of college.


What kind of Harry Potter fan was I??

I was told that this site had the legitimate test, that the one before was just silly and this one looked into your very soul!!

Of course, I knew I would be sorted into Ravenclaw, for, I already knew what I was.

The quiz was very well done. I answered everything quickly so I wouldn’t have the time to parse them apart, I just had to act on instinct.

But when I took the quiz . . . instead of the regal blue and gold filgaree, black and yellow stripes. Instead of a beautiful and studious crow, there was a portly and fluffy badger.


NOOOOOO!!!! How could this be??

All of the Hufflepuff jokes I’d made! All the shame! The YouTube parodies!

I was in complete denial. This test had to be wrong. I must have taken it too fast. I might have missed something.

So, I took it again, under a different guise, this time working much slower. There were two or three questions that I answered differently, but once again, not a raven, but a badger.

Well, that was it. It’s over. I was officially and ultimately, a Hufflepuff.

What was I to do? I couldn’t go out in public, after being so rude to my fellow Puffs. I couldn’t face the other . . . no, I was no longer a part of their league. . . the Ravenclaws.

After a long and arduous journey of self-discovery (like, ya know, 30 minutes while eating some chocolate), I realized that Hufflepuff house was really where I belonged. While I’m studious and at times a perfectionist, I know that sometimes good is better than done. And . . . I hate riddles. So, so much. And crosswords. And word searches. Everything that a Ravenclaw should like. If Hogwarts was real (still waiting on that dang letter!), I wouldn’t ever be able to get into the Ravenclaw house because its password is a riddle. Nope. I’d have to sleep outside the door.

Anyway, Hufflepuffs seem much more my speed. We’re not the best students, or the bravest, or the slyest, but we’re definitely a good combo of everything with a dash of sugar because we’re just so darn sweet!

That’s not to say we’re not tough. Have you seen a pissed off badger??


Don’t mess.

Anyway, I’m fully aware that this quiz doesn’t mean anything and I’m also aware that Hogwarts isn’t real (that’s what I tell myself at night so I can sleep!). It doesn’t mean that I have to wear yellow or that I’m not smart, or brave, or motivated. I’m still me. It’s just fun to have a little bit of Puff pride now and again 🙂

What’s your Hogwarts house? What was your reaction? Let me know in the comments down below.

Thanks for the visit, and I hope you have a wonderful day.



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