Namaste November: Building Heat with Breath – Ujjayi Pranayama Breath

fire-hell-inferno-auto-tuneIn my experience, one of the most common breaths in yoga is Ujjayi Pranayama breath or victorious breath. It’s used to build heat within the body while performing the different asanas (movements) in a yoga practice. But why “build heat” in the body??

That’s a fair question. To build heat is another way of saying to create energy. It awakens the body, warms up the muscles, and sends more concentrated oxygen to where it needs to go. During yoga, your inhales and exhales coordinate with your movements so you can really connect yourself to your body. But Ujjayi breath, which is very audible, can help you keep a rhythm and keep track of where you should be.

For example, if you’re in a pose and you can no longer hear your breathing, it usually means that you have stopped breathing and should back off.

Let’s learn how to accomplish this breath.

Have you ever tried to fog up a window?? You usually constrict the back of the throat just slightly. Ujjayi utilizes this constriction for the inhale and the exhale and is very audible. The inhale might be a little harder to get used to, but you can do it. To practice, you can start with exhaling with the mouse open so you can hear that hissing sound. Eventually, move to inhaling and exhaling through the nose.

Simple? Sure. Easy to do while in a headstand . . . not so much. But you get used to it. Do your best to try to utilize this in your next practice and see how you feel.

Comment down below with anything else you would like to know about yoga and don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel TheMiniMeditatingDragon. I’d love it if you’d take a look see.

Thanks for sharing your energy with me today.



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