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Namaste November: Breathing Can Help You Feel Calmer When You’re About to Punch Someone


So. This is a late post. But things happen in life. I also planned on a different title, but I figured this was a much more realistic use of breathing, especially when dealing with stressful and not-so-great situations. Also, the holidays are coming up so . . . read on. Maybe I’ll help you feel a little calmer as you try to fight off probing questions from relatives and teenage drivers trying to do donuts in the snowy mall parking lot.

While I preach about being all calm and shiz and I may come off as some zen flower that just sways with the wind and the beat of the earth, that’s not at all true.

I am a normal human being and the whole reason I got into yoga, meditation, and minimalism is because I have severe anxiety and depression. I also have some serious rage.

No, I don’t have any anger issues, but anger is something that happens in life. Especially mine.

Sometimes it’s for legimate reasons (like pedestrians going to a local football game that just run right in front of me while I’m driving so I have to screech to a stop – I’m paying attention and I wait for pedestrians but they just kind of go for it out of no where – and then they flip me off like the whole situation was my fault, or people who go 45 mph in the fast lane on the freeway on my way to work . . . wow, I’ve got some road rage issues . . . )

. . . and sometimes it’s for ridiculous reasons like when I want cookies right then but the store is too far away. I know, these are first world problems, but some of my issues I’m not going to divulge here because I don’t want to call anyone out on the internet (deep breath!).

This is when breathing helps a lot. Whether it’s ujjayi breath, alternate nostril breath, or skull shining breath (I’ll show you all the details in an upcoming video!), take a breather.

When your brother-in-law hits on your wife, take a breather.

When the random people at your hometown church ask you why you aren’t married yet, take a breather.

When you were signaling for that parking space and a soccer mom steals it right from under you, hit that woman’s car!

. . . wait . . . . take a breather.

Deep breathing helps oxygenate the blood and therefore helps us feel more relaxed. When we’re stressed, anxious, or angry we take shallower and quicker breathes making us feel light headed and more negative.

Remember when your teachers or your mom would counsel you to “count to ten before saying anything?” Especially during this time of year, remember to breathe.

Everyone is stressed. Everyone is cold (or if you’re in Australia, everyone is BOILING). And everyone just needs a break from everything but are instead spending their break with crazy people that they may not even like.

Also, you never know if you’re the crazy one that stresses everyone out.

I hope everyone enjoys their holidays. I also hope that your one weird cousin doesn’t finally snap.

I’ll see you next week.



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