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Help Others This New Year – Meditation Video


There are plenty of posts out there that say something like “Slay 2018!” or “Make 2018 the Best Year Ever with Just 5 Easy Steps.” There’s nothing necessarily wrong with these posts, but that’s not this post. It’s not about how you can improve your chakras but rearranging your room and painting your room pink, it’s about how you can make a small positive difference in someone else’s life.

Okay. I’m not okay. I’m not okay with how our world is turning out. 2017 has been a doozie.

For us in the US, we’re still reeling from the effects of two hurricanes, the Syrian refugee crisis, the massacre in Vegas, more terrorist attacks around the world, and the constant wars happening in smaller countries that we don’t even know about. I’m not sure what else is going on in the world, but I really hope you all are doing better than we are.

When things like this happen all at once, it’s hard to know what to do. You feel helpless. Scared. Angry. Frustrated. You wonder why it’s happening, why they did it, or how you can help.

There are too many things to do. Me, political officials, church leaders, and your families may encourage you to try to help, even with just one thing. But how do you choose? There are so many people who need help and support.

Linked below I have a meditation that I specifically designed to help you figure that out. It’s to help you figure out your top three things you want to help with – these could be to send supplies to refugees running from a brutal civil war, volunteer to clean up after a natural disaster, or to help a friend grieve the death of a loved one. Not only does it help you choose what to do, but it helps you make a peaceful plan of action.

There are times when I really can’t believe what’s going on. Why someone would do something so awful and malicious. How they came to be the way they are and to even think that this would be the solution to their problems.


Please, do something good today. Hug your friends, love your enemies, and try to help those who are struggling. Let go of the hate you have for others. It only causes more pain.

This year, try to improve the world. Make 2018 better.

I hope your life has not been touched by tragedy this day. If it has, I’m truly sorry and I hope that relief is on its way.

Thanks for sharing your energy with me today.


Here’s the link: When Tragedy Strikes by The Mini Meditating Dragon. 

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