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Dealing with Medication


I hate medication. I’m one of those hippy dippy trippy people who prefers to use oils and herbs to solve all my ailments. I only go to the doctor when I’ve tried all my old methods and nothing has worked. I believe that going to the doctor has its time and place, but I also believe people rely too much on man-made chemicals for their health. While these man-made chemicals have helped me and others (I am pro-vaccines, antibiotics, etc. but I think people need to take it easy on the opioids), I don’t want to become addicted to anything or have to deal with any sort of come down. I would also rather change my lifestyle than try to take a “miracle” pill.

After all that self-righteous talk, and displaying all my reasons to not take medication, it has come to the point in my mental health where I have to start taking anti-depressants. While they do seem to be helping, I hate the fact that I have to. I feel weak, I feel like my body or my mind has failed me, that I failed my body and my mind by not being strong enough.

I’m glad for the medication, but I really wish that I could just get better by doing more yoga or doing a juice cleanse. I have a lot of pride in my healthy lifestyle and generally positive outlook on life and artistic tendencies, so this is quite a blow.

Perhaps God is trying to humble me more. Never a fun thing, but I’m sure I need it. Maybe I need more empathy to accompany my already empathetic nature.

It’s gonna be okay. I just need to get a grip.

Sorry for the rant, I figured I would share because perhaps my story could help others know that they aren’t alone.

You’re not alone.

Have a wonderful day and Namaste.

2 thoughts on “Dealing with Medication

  1. *hugs * it’s very brave of you to post this! Thank you for sharing your story, it must be difficult to do so when you’re not in a good wishing you all the best and I’m there if ever you want to talk about anything (just send me a comment telling me you email me if I don’t answer fast enough haha)

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  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve been on medication before, but I currently am not medicated. It seems like there are phases of life where we need help and need to be open to the many ways we can receive help. I hate taking medication, too. So, I hope you soon find yourself not needing this form of help. I hope your time on medication helps you to find clarity, meaning, and progressive steps toward complete wellness.

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