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Be Who You Are and Love Every Moment


Slowly but surely, I’m coming more into my own. After years of abusive relationships telling me how I should look, sound, spend my time, making me feel bad about my hobbies or my taste in music, or even the way I practiced the same religion, I’m in a place where I can see clearly. I’m able to weigh my values against each other and determine what actually matters to me, or what has been forced upon me.

Never let anyone tell you how you should feel. Never let anyone steal who you are. Only allow voices that help you improve what is already good instead of tear down what does not fit within the mold of what they deem beautiful.

You are an infinite spirit with infinite potential. You were created for a purpose. You have things to learn, but you have things to teach. The Earth is much better with you and all your quirks in it.

Smile when you’re feeling silly, laugh when you are having fun. Don’t hide it anymore. Always be kind and harm nothing, and always love who you are.

Thank you for sharing your energy with me today.


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