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I’m in a Rut – What Should I Write About?


My blog has usually been about whatever I want to write about. However, I’ve been struggling with inspiration. I know I want to write about my 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training, but I don’t know where to start. I also want to write more about my journey to minimalism, but I’m stalling and I’m not sure why I can’t let go of some things. Should I write about my experience with YouTube? How to balance work and life?

This is a call out to my readers. What do you want to hear about? I have some ideas, but I need more. What do you guys need help with? What do you want to know? Yoga, minimalism, self-help, book reviews…anything else you can think of.

I know that this isn’t my usual post, and I’m sorry if it disappointed you, especially after my hiatus, but I would love to hear back from you all.

Thanks for the visit and for sharing your energy with me today.



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