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Reviewing 2018


When I was looking back at this year, I thought, “I haven’t done anything.” I was trying to think of what I had accomplished. Most of my days are spent sitting in an office creating spreadsheets and once I get home I’m too exhausted to write or do much more than watch vines.

My yoga practice has even suffered because of my exhaustion from work and the depression that came with being in a dark building most of the day. I had a goal to stick pincha mayurasana (forearm stand) before the end of the year…and yeah…that hasn’t happened.

However, just when I was feeling like I was a complete failure, I did see that I had accomplished a lot. I mean, I started a freakin’ business (go here to buy a shampoo bar I also became a 500hr certified yoga teacher. That’s pretty legit.

I realized that just because my year wasn’t a concentrated explosion of success and excitement, it was still a pretty good trip around the sun. I usually have to be reminded that my life doesn’t have to be like an Instagram model or YouTube star’s year. I’m gonna be okay.

This year also held its share of challenges. There were a few deaths, some losses, and failures. But that’s okay. Those who passed will be missed and their influences on my life not forgotten. I’m still working on learning from my failures and I’m standing back up.

I’m grateful for everything that happened this year. Each experience either gave me joy, challenged me, taught me, or reminded me to enjoy the little things in life.

Below is a quick review of my year. How did your year go? I hope you can find some good in it and I hope that this coming year is better than last year.

Summary of My Year

Started a business

Celebrated 2 years with my husband

Did a 300hr yoga teacher training

Earned my Reiki I certification

Spent more time with extended family

Lost a distant grandfather

My brother lost some friends to suicide, I lost some boys who were like my brothers

A close friend had two beautiful babies

Learned how to pray effectively before a yoga session

Learned how to trust my spouse

Learned how to research products

Learned how to balance my time

Learned how to take care of myself and that my happiness matters too

Learned how to let go of the unnecessary

Learned how to let go of the negative




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