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No Buy Year – The 4 Things I’m Not Buying in 2019

gift-brown-shopping-marketSo, for those of you who have been reading my blog for a while (and haven’t abandoned me after I dropped off the planet – thanks!), you know that I’m trying to become more minimal. Part of that means not buying things you don’t need or really really want. Unfortunately, I love shopping and spending a butt-ton of money on crap I don’t absolutely need and that I only kind of sort of want-ish.

I went through another full round of the KonMari method so I could really figure out what matters to me. I thought about documenting it, but I realized that I wanted to focus on the tidying as opposed to finding picture perfect moments of me tidying and posting them on the internet. I wanted it to be personal and private. My husband also did it too and I’m very proud of what he got rid of. We have already seen the benefits of a decluttered and joyful life.

Now, I’ve figured out what matters to me, and I’ve also come face to face with what I use to fill the holes in my life. Whenever I’m feeling depressed, I shop. When I’m feeling anxious, I shop. When I feel down on myself, or get stuck comparing myself to other people, I shop. While I may not always spend money (I know myself so I put things into an Amazon wishlist and wait so I’m not impulse buying and I have to wait a couple of weeks before I even consider buying the item), I still do spend some money on things that I don’t need and may not use.

I want to keep focusing on what really matters to me and find different ways to fill the holes in my life. I’m sure that if I spend as much time writing my book as I do cruising Amazon, I would have a book by now. I want and need to focus on the things and experiences that will build my life as opposed to clutter my life.

A quick disclaimer. When I say “No buy” it doesn’t necessarily mean “never buy ever.” If I run out of something and need to replace it, then I can rebuy something. If I find that I actually need something and can’t rent it or borrow it, then I can buy after some research for the best value. Pretty much, if I buy something, something else needs to be leaving, or it needs to be absolutely essential to what I’m going to be doing for an extended period of time.


I love makeup, but I honestly stick to pretty much the same looks. I recently bought some new eye pallets (Kat Von D is my kryptonite) and I am keeping them, but I definitely did not need more eyeshadow pallets. I have a Morphe pallet and an Urban Decay pallet. I don’t need more. I have everything I need for any casual and fashionable looks. The only makeup I will be buying this year will be refills of products that I love or that need replacing.


I also love shoes. When I was a teenager, I had well over 50 pairs of shoes at any one time. Many of which didn’t fit because no shoe stores carried my size. I have size 5 feet. But I loved the way they looked and in order to wear them, I would stuff the toes with tissues. I definitely have some foot issues because of this practice. Now I have about 10 pairs of shoes that I wear often. Like makeup, I will only be buying things that are actively replacing something that needed to be thrown away. In regards to my more expensive shoes that become worn, I will see if they can be repaired before I buy something else. I am allowing one spot for a pair of goth shoes that I have had my eye on for about two years and I’m waiting for a sale. That is it.


During our most recent KonMari method, we halved our book collection. We have four bookshelves and every single one was double stacked with books. The shelves were warped from the weight and we had to flip the shelves over to reverse the warping. We donated so so many books, most of them I hadn’t even read. When I brought them to the donation center, the workers made audible “wows.” I kept plenty of books that I’ve really wanted to read and so when I’m looking for a new adventure, I’m just going to look at my personal library.


Same deal as makeup and shoes. Only buying replacements.

By not purchasing these things for the entirety of 2019, I think I will be able to spend less time browsing the shops, and more time with my family, my husband, my cat, and on my art and businesses. Life is much more about things or spending money. I’ve known this, but I definitely want to start practicing it. This is another step in my journey to minimalism, and I’m very excited about it.

Have you made any minimalist goals for this year? Let me know in the comments down below. I love to be inspired by other people and I want to help you in your journeys as well.

Thank you for sharing your energy with me today. Namaste.

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