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Addiction Recovery and Yoga

  Addiction is when you actively and obsessively seek out drugs, alcohol, or other stimulants or depressants.   Whether they took opioids after a surgery or they’ve been drinking a lot more often after the death of a loved one, whenever I’ve spoken to those who suffer from addictions, they are often trying to cover up… Continue reading Addiction Recovery and Yoga


Don’t Apologise When Going Into Child’s Pose

Whenever I teach a yoga class, I always remind my students that they can, and should, go into Child’s Pose or another restful posture if ever they feel like the practice is too intense for them and they need a moment of reprieve. In spite of my urging, students will still approach me after class… Continue reading Don’t Apologise When Going Into Child’s Pose

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Getting Started with Mindfulness

    A guest post from Jo Holloway-Green, Founder of The Mindful Hub; a website and blog aiming to make mindfulness accessible to all. Mindfulness sounds a bit intimidating. If you’ve never heard of it you could be forgiven for having to ask what it is? The opposite of forgetfulness? Something to do with… Continue reading Getting Started with Mindfulness

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Anxiety: Facing Your Fears

    Anxiety means that there you have a fear of something. Biologically, we all have fears. It’s what’s helped our species survive. Some fears are innate within the human race and some are developed within our culture. Things like fear of snakes, spiders, and heights have protected our ancestors from death several times before.… Continue reading Anxiety: Facing Your Fears