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Help Others This New Year – Meditation Video

There are plenty of posts out there that say something like “Slay 2018!” or “Make 2018 the Best Year Ever with Just 5 Easy Steps.” There’s nothing necessarily wrong with these posts, but that’s not this post. It’s not about how you can improve your chakras but rearranging your room and painting your room pink,… Continue reading Help Others This New Year – Meditation Video

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Namaste November 2017: The Art of Breathing

It’s my favorite time of year! Namaste November! If you’re new here and are wondering what the heck that is, it’s when I post a yoga pose, yoga or meditation tip, or general feel-good things on my Instagram every day for the entire month of November. I also write dedicated yoga/meditation posts for this blog.… Continue reading Namaste November 2017: The Art of Breathing


5 Steps to Successful Headstand

  Headstand, or sirsasana, is one of the easiest of the inversions in yoga. If you ever attended a gymnastics or tumbling class as a child, you probably practiced this pose. However, even though it’s one of the easiest, it’ doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy. Here is an easy, step-by-step guide to help you perfectly… Continue reading 5 Steps to Successful Headstand